Finger tips

Just something I’m working on! I’ll keep you updated.



Just a quick drawing I did in Photoshop, and Illustrator the other day, I feel it is still incomplete so I might decide to add to it.  I was looking to keep myself occupied on my 5 hour train ride..

Lighting bugs

Part of a Valentines day card I’m making, Drew in illustrator, painted in photoshop 🙂

I’m just teaching myself how to paint in photoshop, I cannot wait to see how I grow, and get better over time!

Inspiration for Mondays photo session


I’m so excited for this. Hair, makeup, and photos!

Flickr Bingo, starts March first!

Make your card today! the game starts March first! The prize is a 2 year Flickr Pro account! but the real great part

is you get to challenge yourself, and do new things!


B1 – Focal Length Compare and Contrast
B2 – Aperture Compare and Contrast
B3 – Underexpose Background by 3 stops (daylight)
B4 – Found Faces
B5 – TTV (faux TTV if you must)
B6 – One shot to nail it – NO post processing!
B7 – warp zoom
B8 – motion pan
B9 – Composite photography – Multi shot puzzle
B10 – RAW White Balance Adjustment Artistic Diptych\Triptych
B11 – Demonstrate Inverse Square Law for Lights
B12 – Food Advertisement shot
B13 – Out of Bounds
B14 – Public Transport Portrait
B15 – Magazine Cover
I16 – Inspired by XKCD
I17 – When Velociraptors Attack
I18 – Mock Book Cover
I19 – HDR with human subject
I20 – Timelapse
I21 – Bulb exposure
I22 – All Access Pass (paparazzi)
I23 – (DE)Motivational Poster
I24 – Make your own filter
I25 – Rear Curtain Flash
I26 – Intentional Artistic Blur
I27 – See through computer desktop
I28 – Light Painting
I29 – Mock Band Promo Pick
I30 – Clones
N31 – Album Cover Head Shot
N32 – Selective coloring
N33 – Awkward Perspective
N34 – Shaped Bokeh
N35 – Strobe Portrait of a stranger
N36 – A study of geometric shapes
N37 – Architecture shot
N38 – Fake Tilt Shift
N39 – Make your own texture and use it!
N40 – Panorama
N41 – High Key
N42 – Low Key
N43 – Macro Shot
N44 – Floating Body Shot
N45 – The Story is in the shadows
G46 – Iconic Movie Scene Recreation
G47 – Annoying Orange meets …. (Fruit or Veggie People)
G48 – Inception/Matrix
G49 – Andy Warhol
G50 – Rainbow
G51 – Alphabet
G52 -Inspired by literature
G53 – Inspired by Music
G54 – Tourist in your hometown
G55 – Negative Space
G56 – Color Replacement
G57 – Travel to somewhere you’ve never been
G58 – Surreal
G59 – Fill the frame
G60 – Hobby
O61 – Photo Bomb
O62 – 70’s portrait with inset silhouette
O63 – Shadow does not match subject
O64 – Double Exposure
O65 – Black and White
O66 – Anime Self Portrait Warp
O67 – Origami
O68 – Speed
O69 – Vanishing Points
O70 – Pick your own Photoshop Tutorial and DO IT!
O71 – Reflections
O72 – Giants
O73 – Children’s book
O74 – I SPY remake
O75 – Cemeteries


I’m generally terrible at photographing children, its not my strong suit, but I was going through old photos this one I like. (please view full size, by clicking on the photo.)


Just a quick mock up for a rough ticket design.

Centreville High School Prom

Some Very Simple invitations, but they’re cute, and run with the theme… please view full size!

Business Card design for A1 Psychical The.

I don’t know how I feel about this, they only wanted their logo redesigned. I am going to create a secondary design in the morning to give them some more options, but for now this is what I have.  G’night everyone!

Lake Michigan, Jan 2011.


I went to South Haven yesterday to look, and photograph the icy beach with a friend, it was freezing, but totally worth it, there are more photos to come!