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Misty lost in the floral.

I Loved this photo of my friend, Misty, I through it into Adobe illustrator and Turned it into a vector, where I continued by doing some tweaking, then slid it into Photoshop to add the Floral texture, and more contrast! fun little Project when I was feeling inspired!


Please view full size by clicking on the photo.


I Scream for Ice cream!

This is a design I put together for a local ice cream shop, I am thinking of turning into a t-shirt design!  I designed the cone in illustrator, and painted it in Photoshop.  I covered it in a vintage paper texture, and placed some typography around the cone to make it pop, I also added a light gradient from bottom to top.  Just messing around looking for something to entertain myself!

Pattern for my DSLR bag

I threw this pattern together in Adobe illustrator! I’ve been collecting more camera gear over the years, and am at my wits end trying to tote all of it around in several smaller camera bags, and lets face it, they’re ugly! So my goal is to create a DSLR bag to grow into, and still be stylish! I spent the a few minutes coming up with a rough pattern, and going through my fabric bin to see what materials I had to create! these are the colors and a rough design of what I hope to come up with.  Most of it is salvaged from thrift stores, and old clothing. I hope to start sewing it tomorrow, and have it done by friday, I’ll be sure to post photos when I have a finished product.

New Business card design?

a potential business card design for when my other cards run out, I’m not sure what I think of it.  I want more traffic on my website to weed out some of the needless phone calls, of course all my contact information will be on my webpage, but I think if they can make it to my website some of their questions will be answered there.

Candy Skull Design

This is a candy skull design that I created for a jewelry piece I am putting together, I added a canvas texture to it after I painted the skull in Photoshop, this piece will soon be listed on my Etsy.

Upcycled Tube Scarf, Pea soup.

Upcycled Tube scarf I created from an old thrifted T-shirt. It’s a wonderful color, and looks great with a shirt, and jeans! You can purchase this scarf, along with other Handcrafted items at my etsy!

Photoshop, and Fonts.

Just playing around in photoshop, I cant sleep tonight. I wish I was some place else right now. I guess I was feeling like a hippy from the mitten.

My take on a vintage apron.

I found this material on clearance for 2 bones a yard, and I could only  think  “apron” when I saw it.  I did not use a pattern, just fit it to my body, and added some darts, and rouching around the bust. I think its great, and the eyelet border was fun to play with! I’m working on getting my sewing more precise, and quicker. I would love some feedback on this one!

Day of the dead.

Just some of the Photos I took from our impromptu Day of the dead photo session!

I’d Love to do this again with more props, costumes, and a makeup artist instead of my unsteady hand, and dollar store makeup.



Lighting bugs

Part of a Valentines day card I’m making, Drew in illustrator, painted in photoshop 🙂

I’m just teaching myself how to paint in photoshop, I cannot wait to see how I grow, and get better over time!