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I’m trying to teach myself how to embroider.  I always thought it was kinda lame until I realized it can be really interesting an a total art form. here is a video I found on modern embroidery:


Here are some clip art images I’m going to trace onto fabric and try to embroider into bags, and pillows.

I plan to start on the Russian nesting dolls, to turn it into a pillow, I plan on working on some of these patterns on my long train ride to Detroit.   Here are some finished works by various artist that I really enjoyed.

I’m unaware of the artist names, or locations, these are not my creations, but are truly beautiful. Needle crafts have always seemed so sincere, and loved to me.  I’m really excited to start this new hobby!


I’ve been racking my brain.

I’ve been racking my brain for a creative, and mostly handmade gift. Well I’ve come up with several ideas, and I just couldn’t narrow it down to one, so I’m arm deep in paint, and glue! I love handmade gifts, they’re so much more personal, and you can always feel the love when given something handmade. I think part of the reason I am so inspired to craft, sew, paint, and take photos is because I was given a handmade quilt for christmas when I was 16. the colors and patterns were picked out for me, and I even got poked in the toe with a left over straight pin. It is by far one of my favorite gifts I have ever received, and I plan to cherish it for years! I hope that when I give or sell my handmade items to others they feel the same way. I love the idea of making something that has a story, a connection, and that can carry for years to come! Photos of tonights endeavorer coming soon!

Pattern for my DSLR bag

I threw this pattern together in Adobe illustrator! I’ve been collecting more camera gear over the years, and am at my wits end trying to tote all of it around in several smaller camera bags, and lets face it, they’re ugly! So my goal is to create a DSLR bag to grow into, and still be stylish! I spent the a few minutes coming up with a rough pattern, and going through my fabric bin to see what materials I had to create! these are the colors and a rough design of what I hope to come up with.  Most of it is salvaged from thrift stores, and old clothing. I hope to start sewing it tomorrow, and have it done by friday, I’ll be sure to post photos when I have a finished product.

Candy Skull Design

This is a candy skull design that I created for a jewelry piece I am putting together, I added a canvas texture to it after I painted the skull in Photoshop, this piece will soon be listed on my Etsy.

Upcycled Tube Scarf, Pea soup.

Upcycled Tube scarf I created from an old thrifted T-shirt. It’s a wonderful color, and looks great with a shirt, and jeans! You can purchase this scarf, along with other Handcrafted items at my etsy!

My take on a vintage apron.

I found this material on clearance for 2 bones a yard, and I could only  think  “apron” when I saw it.  I did not use a pattern, just fit it to my body, and added some darts, and rouching around the bust. I think its great, and the eyelet border was fun to play with! I’m working on getting my sewing more precise, and quicker. I would love some feedback on this one!

Lighting bugs

Part of a Valentines day card I’m making, Drew in illustrator, painted in photoshop 🙂

I’m just teaching myself how to paint in photoshop, I cannot wait to see how I grow, and get better over time!

Inspiration for Mondays photo session


I’m so excited for this. Hair, makeup, and photos!

Top secret project I’m working on!

my first attempt to paint in photoshop!

I illustrated by pencil and ink, then scanned it into photoshop!