Dear Blog, It’s been awhile.

Here is a quick update on my life, This have been chaotic to say the least.  Personal health Problems, a broken computer, working 2 minimum wage jobs (hire me) 😛   and trying to maintain, and grow my own business. Right now I am stream lining my skills, and attempting to rebrand myself, rebranding is terribly hard when living in BFE. I’m also working on a blog that sheds new light on the city of Detroit, and a coordinating models, a make up artist, and the weather for a pin-up inspired photo session to empower women.   I recently took in a foster cat, Virgil.  he is adorable but likes to power down my laptop when I’m in the middle of important things.  On the other hand I’ve booked a wedding, and am looking at the possibility of my first location wedding 5 hours away in a few shorts weeks.  I also have been sought out to do several freelance jobs for small business’s in the area, including one catering company who wants to fit 9 8×10 menu pages onto 3 4×10, this is a gruelling task that I am not so fond of. bad news. It needs to be mocked up tomorrow morning for the client, and I havent started.  So I am off to make some mac & cheese and work through the night!  More on all these things later when my brain can slow down, for now here is a rough logo I am working on for a shooting range.


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