what does it take to publish a photo book?

I’ve always wondered this, Its one of my short term goals to publish a Coffee table style photo book, I have been thinking about photos of Detroit, maybe its over played, but it seems like everyone loves photos of that city, and I like to have the opportunity to shed a different “hopeful” light through my photos, not just the “decay” of a once  prosperous city. I really need to start on this project considering the city is an always changing project, If anyone has any input on publising a Photo book, or an idea on some sort of “book/buisness plan” I would be so grateful if you would share!

I found this short collection of Detroit photos, I’d love to share photos like this, but also photo of the city, and its people, and how friendly it can be.. People tend to have a nasty stigma, that unfortunately some people that live in the area profit on, by “Dirty Detroit” T shirts, bags, ect.




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