I’ve been racking my brain.

I’ve been racking my brain for a creative, and mostly handmade gift. Well I’ve come up with several ideas, and I just couldn’t narrow it down to one, so I’m arm deep in paint, and glue! I love handmade gifts, they’re so much more personal, and you can always feel the love when given something handmade. I think part of the reason I am so inspired to craft, sew, paint, and take photos is because I was given a handmade quilt for christmas when I was 16. the colors and patterns were picked out for me, and I even got poked in the toe with a left over straight pin. It is by far one of my favorite gifts I have ever received, and I plan to cherish it for years! I hope that when I give or sell my handmade items to others they feel the same way. I love the idea of making something that has a story, a connection, and that can carry for years to come! Photos of tonights endeavorer coming soon!


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