Flickr Bingo, starts March first!

Make your card today! the game starts March first! The prize is a 2 year Flickr Pro account! but the real great part

is you get to challenge yourself, and do new things!


B1 – Focal Length Compare and Contrast
B2 – Aperture Compare and Contrast
B3 – Underexpose Background by 3 stops (daylight)
B4 – Found Faces
B5 – TTV (faux TTV if you must)
B6 – One shot to nail it – NO post processing!
B7 – warp zoom
B8 – motion pan
B9 – Composite photography – Multi shot puzzle
B10 – RAW White Balance Adjustment Artistic Diptych\Triptych
B11 – Demonstrate Inverse Square Law for Lights
B12 – Food Advertisement shot
B13 – Out of Bounds
B14 – Public Transport Portrait
B15 – Magazine Cover
I16 – Inspired by XKCD
I17 – When Velociraptors Attack
I18 – Mock Book Cover
I19 – HDR with human subject
I20 – Timelapse
I21 – Bulb exposure
I22 – All Access Pass (paparazzi)
I23 – (DE)Motivational Poster
I24 – Make your own filter
I25 – Rear Curtain Flash
I26 – Intentional Artistic Blur
I27 – See through computer desktop
I28 – Light Painting
I29 – Mock Band Promo Pick
I30 – Clones
N31 – Album Cover Head Shot
N32 – Selective coloring
N33 – Awkward Perspective
N34 – Shaped Bokeh
N35 – Strobe Portrait of a stranger
N36 – A study of geometric shapes
N37 – Architecture shot
N38 – Fake Tilt Shift
N39 – Make your own texture and use it!
N40 – Panorama
N41 – High Key
N42 – Low Key
N43 – Macro Shot
N44 – Floating Body Shot
N45 – The Story is in the shadows
G46 – Iconic Movie Scene Recreation
G47 – Annoying Orange meets …. (Fruit or Veggie People)
G48 – Inception/Matrix
G49 – Andy Warhol
G50 – Rainbow
G51 – Alphabet
G52 -Inspired by literature
G53 – Inspired by Music
G54 – Tourist in your hometown
G55 – Negative Space
G56 – Color Replacement
G57 – Travel to somewhere you’ve never been
G58 – Surreal
G59 – Fill the frame
G60 – Hobby
O61 – Photo Bomb
O62 – 70’s portrait with inset silhouette
O63 – Shadow does not match subject
O64 – Double Exposure
O65 – Black and White
O66 – Anime Self Portrait Warp
O67 – Origami
O68 – Speed
O69 – Vanishing Points
O70 – Pick your own Photoshop Tutorial and DO IT!
O71 – Reflections
O72 – Giants
O73 – Children’s book
O74 – I SPY remake
O75 – Cemeteries


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