It’s weird to think so many people have seen my photos.


Inspiration for a 40’s style pinup beach session.

I’m going all out with this session, I have vintage swimwear, and clothing, I’m working with a makeup artist, and two models. I feel I’m really starting to do things right. The location of the shoot with be the south beach of South haven. all morning I’ve been collecting inspiration photos. This is what I’ve come up with for the look, I would love for the lips to be a deep plum to put a twist on your “standard pinup” mostly they wear deep red, but I think it’ll pop. I also found this how-to on Victory rolls, which I plan to to give more volume, and looser look to make it more modern. if everything works as planned we will be shooting next week, I’m super excited!

Dear Blog, It’s been awhile.

Here is a quick update on my life, This have been chaotic to say the least. ¬†Personal health Problems, a broken computer, working 2 minimum wage jobs (hire me) ūüėõ ¬† and trying to maintain, and grow my own business. Right now I am stream lining my skills, and attempting to rebrand myself, rebranding is terribly hard when living in BFE. I’m also working on a blog that sheds new light on the city of Detroit, and a coordinating models, a make up artist, and the weather for a pin-up inspired photo session to empower women. ¬† I recently took in a foster cat, Virgil. ¬†he is adorable but likes to power down my laptop when I’m in the middle of important things. ¬†On the other hand I’ve booked a wedding, and am looking at the possibility of my first location wedding 5 hours away in a few shorts weeks. ¬†I also have been sought out to do several freelance jobs for small business’s in the area, including one catering company who wants to fit 9 8×10 menu pages onto 3 4×10, this is a gruelling task that I am not so fond of. bad news. It needs to be mocked up tomorrow morning for the client, and I havent started. ¬†So I am off to make some mac & cheese and work through the night! ¬†More on all these things later when my brain can slow down, for now here is a rough logo I am working on for a shooting range.

How to Publish a Photo book
How to Publish a Photo Book ‚ÄĒpowered by

I’m going to continue to further researching this, and Shaping my book.

what does it take to publish a photo book?

I’ve always wondered this, Its one of my short term goals to publish a¬†Coffee¬†table style photo book, I have been thinking about photos of¬†Detroit, maybe its over played, but it seems like everyone loves photos of that city, and I like to have the¬†opportunity¬†to shed a different “hopeful” light through my photos, not just the “decay” of a once ¬†prosperous¬†city. I really need to start on this project considering the city is an always changing project, If anyone has any input on publising a Photo book, or an idea on some sort of “book/buisness plan” I would be so grateful if you would share!

I found this short collection of¬†Detroit¬†photos, I’d love to share photos like this, but also photo of the city, and its people, and how friendly it can be.. People tend to have a nasty stigma, that¬†unfortunately¬†some people that live in the area profit on, by “Dirty Detroit” T shirts, bags, ect.


I’m trying to teach myself how to¬†embroider. ¬†I always thought it was kinda lame until I realized it can be really interesting an a total art form. here is a video I found on modern¬†embroidery:


Here are some¬†clip art¬†images I’m going to trace onto fabric and try to¬†embroider¬†into bags, and pillows.

I plan to start on the Russian nesting dolls, to turn it into a pillow, I plan on working on some of these patterns on my long train ride to Detroit.   Here are some finished works by various artist that I really enjoyed.

I’m unaware of the artist names, or locations, these are not my creations, but are truly beautiful. Needle crafts have always seemed so sincere, and loved to me. ¬†I’m really excited to start this new hobby!

I’ve been racking my brain.

I’ve been racking my brain for a creative, and mostly handmade gift. Well I’ve come up with several ideas, and I just¬†couldn’t¬†narrow it down to one, so I’m arm deep in paint, and glue! I love handmade gifts, they’re so much more personal, and you can always feel the love when given something handmade. I think part of the reason I am so inspired to craft, sew, paint, and take photos is because I was given a handmade quilt for christmas when I was 16. the colors and patterns were picked out for me, and I even got poked in the toe with a left over straight pin. It is by far one of my favorite gifts I have ever received, and I plan to cherish it for years! I hope that when I give or sell my handmade items to others they feel the same way. I love the idea of making something that has a story, a connection, and that can carry for years to come! Photos of tonights endeavorer coming soon!

Wind chill? yes, Photos? no.

One of the few photos I got Saturday, it was too incredibly cold to shoot! Piper came to visit from Grand Rapids.  It was so nice to see him.  Even though the weather was bad, the company was more than pleasant.  It was a nice day filled with coffee, tofu burgers, conversations, and cameras.

Misty lost in the floral.

I Loved this photo of my friend, Misty, I through it into Adobe illustrator and Turned it into a vector, where I continued by doing some tweaking, then slid it into Photoshop to add the Floral texture, and more contrast! fun little Project when I was feeling inspired!


Please view full size by clicking on the photo.

I Scream for Ice cream!

This is a design I put together for a local ice cream shop, I am thinking of turning into a t-shirt design!  I designed the cone in illustrator, and painted it in Photoshop.  I covered it in a vintage paper texture, and placed some typography around the cone to make it pop, I also added a light gradient from bottom to top.  Just messing around looking for something to entertain myself!